planetShooting film and small digital formats in places as far afield as the Philippines, West Africa, the West Bank, Bangkok, Moscow, Budapest, Morocco, Vietnam, Panama and Korea, Mark has captured artistic imagery and the stories of fascinating people.

He has been the Director of Photography on factual TV series and a Director/DP on large-scale multi-hour event specials for cable networks.  His creative designs for shooting interviews were adopted by the History Channel as a model for its high-profile shows and used as a guide that other production companies would imitate. His shooting of re-enactments has fooled even a big-name Hollywood producer into thinking that they were real. Mark also frequently directs the creative re-enactments that he shoots.


REINCARNATED: PAST LIVES – (4 episodes) – Lifetime, Twelve02 TV
TABLOID – (3 episodes) – Investigation Discovery, Radley Studios
MY HAUNTED HOUSE – (3 episodes) – Bio Channel, Painless Prods.
CAR WARRIORS – (2 seasons) – Speed, Base Prods.
IF I SHOULD DIE – (2 episodes) – TLC, Mike Mathis Prods.
SPORT SCIENCE – (8 seasons) – ESPN, Base Prods.
THE SQUAD: PRISON POLICE – (10 hrs) A&E, Wild Eyes Prods.
HEROES UNDER FIRE – (11 hours) History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods.
UNTOLD STORIES OF THE E.R. –  (3 seasons) TLC, GRB Entertainment
MODERN MARVELS – (10 episodes),History Channel, Hearst/Actuality Prods
HUMAN WRECKING BALLS – (8 hrs) G4 Network, Base Prods.
COURAGE – Series, Fox Family – 44 Blue Prods.
SMALL SHOTS – Comedy/reality Series, TNN
THE “G” WORD –Series, Authentic Prods., Discovery Planet Green
CALIFORNIA CONNECTED – Series, (2 seasons)  PBS

 SKELETONS ON THE SAHARA: (2 Hours) History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods.
TRUE CARIBBEAN PIRATES: (2 hours Hi-Def)) History Channel, GRB Ent.
TRUE STORY OF BLACK HAWK DOWN: (2-hrs) History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods.
AMERICA UNDERCOVER: “Dwarves, Not a Fairy Tale” – HBO
INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS: “Behind Bars” (3 hrs), “Cop World” (2 hrs) – A&E
LOCKUP – PELICAN BAY: Forty-Four Blue Prods., MSNBC
TRUE STORY OF KILLING PABLO: (2 hours) History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods
TARGETED: OSAMA BIN LADEN (2 hours) History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods.
GUESTS OF THE AYATOLLAH: (4 hours) Discovery Times, Wild Eyes Prods.
INSIDE: BORDER PATROL: 44 Blue Prods., Court TV
THE DARK ART OF INTERROGATION: History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods.
OSAMA BIN LADEN: THE FINISH –  Discovery channel – Wild Eyes Prods.
TRUE STORY OF CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR – (2 hrs) History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods.
INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS: “Border Patrol,” “Behind Bars” (3 hrs), “Copworld” (2 hr) –  A&E
TARGETED – (4 hours) History Channel, Wild Eyes Prods.
MSNBC INVESTIGATES: “Lockup: Pelican Bay,” “New Orleans Vice”- 44 Blue Prods
INTIMATE PORTRAIT – “Halle Berry,” “Emma Samms” – Lifetime – Hearst/Actuality
THE ELITE – “Prison Cops,”Court TV – 44 Blue Prods.
THE MANHATTAN PROJECT – History Channel, Hearst/Actuality Prods.
FIGHT SCIENCE- Base Prods. Natl Geographic, (Cam Op)
KNOWN UNIVERSE—(3 hrs), Base Prods., Natl Geographic
INSIDE AL QUAEDA – Nat’l Geographic, Wild Eyes Prods..
PENN & TELLER:BULLSHIT- Showtime, Marc Wolper
WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS PLACES – Travel Channel, 44 Blue Prods.
WORLD’S BEST BEACHES – Travel Channel, Kaos Entertainment
CON AIR – TLC, Kaos Ent.
GOOD MORNING AMERICA – Oscar telecast field segments