Mark began making short films on the streets of West Los Angeles at 15 years of age. He credits those formative years for his first feature film job—operating one of the Panavision cameras for Jan DeBont’s (Die Hard, Speed) debut film in the U.S. In the intervening years he guided young director Jon Turteltaub (While You Were Sleeping, National Treasure) by shooting Jon’s first feature film, then becoming an award-winning cinematographer in  multiple U.S./International film competitions. He has been the DP/camera operator on 21 feature films, and the second-unit Director of Photography on six films.

FEATURE FILM (Partial list of credits)

  • ALWAYS FAITHFUL: Megha Nabe, Chandler Maness; Dir. Chris Thomas
  • MEXICAN FIGHTER: (Feature Doc) Revolver Entertainment, Dir. Bobby Razak
  • PAPARAZZI:  Icon Entertainment, Dir. Of Photography Daryn Okada  (Additional amera Op.)
  • THE AMATEURS: Jeff Bridges; Dir. Of Photography Denis Maloney, Dir. Mike Traeger ( B camera operator)
  • BALLISTICA: Paul Logan; Sophia Films, Dir. Gary Jones
  • PROJECT SHADOWCHASER 3000:  Sam Bottoms, Christopher Neame; Nu-Image, Dir. John Eyres
  • THINK BIG: Martin Mull, David Carradine; Motion Picture Corp. of America, Dir. John Turteltaub
  • NO ESCAPE, NO RETURN:  Michael Nouri, Max Caulfield; PM Entertainment,  Dir. Charlie Kanganis
  • HANGFIRE: Lee DeBroux, Kim Delaney; Motion Picture Corp. of America,  Dir. Peter Maris
  • TRUE BLOOD: Jeff Fahey, Sherilyn Fenn, Billy Drago; Fries Entertainment, Dir. Frank Kerr
  • TEXAS PAYBACK:  Kathleen Kinmont, Bo Hopkins, Century Film Partners, Dir. Richard Munchkin
  • DO OR DIE: Pat Morita; Malibu Bay Films, Dir. Andy Sidaris


  • DOUBLE REVENGE: Joe Dallesandro, Theresa Saldana; Smart Egg , Dir. Armand Mastroianni
  • TERROR SQUAD: Chuck Connors; MCEG, Dir. Peter Maris (2nd Unit Director/DP)
  • DEATH HOUSE: Anthony Franciosa, Dir. John Saxon
  • FAR FROM BISMARK: Dean Stapleton, Tiffany Hecht; Dir. Philip Chidel
  IATSE Local 600; Lifetime Member, Digital Cinema Society