What happens to the 80% of good films at big film fests that don’t get picked up by distributors? If you wanted to view these films where could you find them? It has been hard, if not impossible, because they don’t generate enough income to warrant a big advertising campaign. And most of the market for distribution is controlled by distributors, Netflix and the studios that can afford big ad budgets.

But software platforms are enabling the rest of us to get our films out to audiences through new online companies like Distrify, Flixhouse or VHX.

There is an evolutionary movement happening in entertainment content. New armies of indie filmmakers, empowered by affordable technology, are reaching out directly to their audiences through internet streaming, downloading and self publishing.

It’s a Huge Deal! Now we can control the exhibition of our films – without having to fight for a sales report.

Hollywood’s primary method of communication about filmmaking talent traditionally has been through agents. They are the ones who spread the word, who inform the world about talent — because talent is hard to find.

But Indie Filmmakers can all be agents for each other, spreading the word through social media—the most powerful new communication tool on the planet.

Here is my plan to empower us to be our own agents in a community of filmmakers. By hosting a link to my film on your website you become my agent to your circle of contacts. And you get your 10% – automatically! For every film view you get a 10% affiliate royalty. We’re not gonna get rich. But its still way more than the ¼ – ½ cent per view that Youtube pays out.

With 500 agents I have a chance for my film to be successful. Its all about numbers.

No longer do indie filmmakers have to submit to the network gatekeepers whose job is to say “no” to films. By using online VOD sites like Flixhouse, Distrify, Screenzone, VHX, IndieReign, Greencine, IndieFlix and others, we can access the paying audience who are able to find our films and say, “Oh.”

Support independent film and lets build a community that pays filmmakers! Add a link to your web page or Facebook page and spread the word.