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Most of you know me as a cinematographer.  Well, I am still shooting shows for Discovery, ESPN, etc. and for the Web…and the occasional feature film.  But now I am also dividing my time with a new venture that will interest you! is an online streaming network that offers movies you can stream to your TV, computer or mobile device.  There are FREE MOVIES, hard-to-find titles, and independent films to enjoy.  No subscription fee, just a small a la carte cost per title.

I was looking for a way to release a documentary and an old feature film that I co-produced into the growing new media marketplace, and I found that a good friend, Tony Kandah, who has 12 years of distribution and film marketing expertise has started Flixhouse.   So I added my films to his library, and I’m working with him to grow the venture.

Since DVD’s are phasing out and digital download is the new frontier, this looks like a great place to be!

Call it a “mini-Netflix” if you like.  It is the perfect place to see and discover new movies.  And it’s a danged less-expensive alternative than cable/satellite.

FILMMAKERS: Check out this new site!  We want your movie!

 Flixhouse helps filmmakers connect, share and keep in touch with other filmmakers around the world.

We market movies from independent filmmakers like you!

-Generate revenues, place your movie on our pay-per-view network

-Multiple marketing strategies to insure maximum exposure

– Discover new filmmakers and get discovered

Please show your support for independent filmmakers.  It’s FREE, so register and be a part of the independent film community.  Tell your filmmaker friends about us, and Like us on Facebook.

Check it out now at We appreciate your support. See you at the movies!

Please keep in mind that Netflix and Hulu took years to grow into their present form, so don’t expect us to compare…yet!  We’re still growing, searching for, and constantly adding cool, new films.  So check back with us often to see the new additions to the library.

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