Strong Island Films Pilot

walkway 1328 I recently flew to New Jersey for an intense schedule of re-enactments.  Strong Island Films’ Rob Dorfmann and Cindy DePasquale are creating a compelling pilot presentation that re-creates true stories involving groups of friends and murders.

Shooting at multiple locations, and being often in sight of Manhattan presented great opportunities for visuals.  We shot with a small crew and lots of on-camera talent.  We used Canon cameras, some off-speed frame rates, suggestive lighting and quirky angles to enhance the emotional range of the story.  It will keep audiences riveted.  I guarantee it.  The style will be a blend of whodunit and docusoap intrigue.  Stay tuned.

Freedom tower 0621

walls of glass 0652

Added bonus – the project became a rare opportunity to shoot the Historic Hoboken train station.

Train station 0458

Train station 0439

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