Thrill Factor Premieres on Travel Channel

Travel Channel can’t wait to air my latest show.  Air Date moved one month sooner:

Here is an inside look at our experiences on the production:
Another of the unusual places we went to shoot a show about thrill rides this summer was the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. Did anyone have an idea that there are THREE RIDES on the top of it?  Here’s the awesome view.



Our show hosts Kari Byron and Tory Belleci, fresh from their success on “Mythbusters,” took the giant plunge of more than 800 feet from the top of the tower on a wire.   That’s a Ride!!?
Stratosphere1Yes, you step off the platform into thin air!



Here’s another ride at the stratosphere that we didn’t get to try due to approaching severe weather. This spins around enough to magnify the dizzy feeling of staring down 850 feet to the ground below.

Stratosphere5Those black clouds are the July monsoon with pouring rain and winds. Minutes later the outside platforms were evacuated because of lightning strikes in the area.



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